• Oregon Single Barrel Straight Bourbon Whiskey

    Oregon Single Barrel Straight Bourbon Whiskey

    Oregon Single Barrel Straight Bourbon Whiskey


  • Straight Oat Whiskey

    Straight Oat Whiskey

    Straight Oat whiskey- made from stone-ground 100% oats. Barrel-aged 4 years in a charred Missouri oak barrel. Rich, smooth, graham-crackery goodness.


  • Haskap Liqueur

    Haskap Liqueur

    Native to Hokkaido, Haskap berries are edible honeysuckle with an inky purple color, sweet-tart flavor, and very high antioxidant content. The liqueur reflects the characteristics of the berry, with bursts of black currant, cranberry, and blueberry. Can be used like Creme de Cassis, in cocktails but it is not as sweet. Excellent with bourbon, prosecco, gin, and tequila.


  • Cherry Matsutake Brandy

    Cherry Matsutake Brandy

    The Cherry Matsutake Brandy pairs the dark and spicy forest floor of the Pacific Northwest with sun-soaked orchard cherries. Matsutake provides an earthy, cinnamon-apricot aroma that comes on after the fruit of the brandy. A unique spirit at the intersection of sweet and savory, wild and cultivated.


  • Prune Liqueur

    Prune Liqueur

    Adapting a traditional recipe from Italy, we’ve created a dark and luscious spirit from perfect fruit. The plums and prunes we use for the brandy and the liqueur are from the same single-orchard Brooks plum trees in Dayton. Thick, aromatic and rich, notes of prune, plum and vanilla. An unexpected pleasure on the palate.


  • Aged Comice Pear Brandy

    Aged Comice Pear Brandy

    The pears for this barrel aged Comice Pear Brandy were held longer on the trees to sweeten, and this is reflected in the warmth and flavor of this spirit. The brandy has a spiciness that whiskey drinkers in particular enjoy. This release has aged a hair under two years, in a reconditioned French oak barrel.


  • Oregon Pear Brandy

    Oregon Pear Brandy

    Bartlett pears are the classic brandy pear, known for their piercing pear aroma. This large, juicy pear is irresistible for eating, and has a marvelous sugar content for converting to alcohol. In the Fall, while entering the distillery, you are flooded with fragrance!


  • Oregon Apple Brandy

    Oregon Apple Brandy

    A blend of apples, heavy on the Jonathon. Aged 5 years in French oak.  Smooth, with notes of autumn honey and caramel. Warmth against the first frost. Perfect for Apple Old Fashioneds.


  • Nocino


    We dice and macerate our green walnut harvest in a combination of rye whiskey and pinot noir brandy, spiked with vanilla, cinnamon, and other warm spices. The result is a dense, fruitcake-like spirit we love to drink straight as well as in a variety of cocktails, especially as a substitute for vermouth in a Manhattan.


  • Petit Verdoux Grappa

    Petit Verdoux Grappa

    This grappa, never barreled and from the 2019 vintage- 100% Petit Verdot grapes. It is lush, soft, with ample fruit on the aroma and mouth. Perfect for after dinner. 


  • Pinot Noir Grappa

    Pinot Noir Grappa

    Our current grappa is a Pinot Noir Grappa, aged in oak to give it a warm amber hue and delicious mouthfeel.


  • Biggs Junction Apricot Liqueur

    Biggs Junction Apricot Liqueur

    Our Biggs Junction Apricot Liqueur is bottled sunshine. We use a base of oat spirits and cots from Kimberly, OR and Wapato WA. We keep the sugar down, and the apricot is tart, tangy, dense with dried apricot flavor.


  • Tawny Duet

    Tawny Duet

    Inspired by Port, Tawny Duet is a blend of pinot noir nectar from Winter’s Hill winery and brandy we distilled from August Cellars pinot noir wine. Matured in oak casks. Light in mouth feel, not sticky or syrupy, sweet but not too sweet. Appeals to wine drinkers, Pinot Noir enthusiasts, and those who like a nip of something tasty after dinner.


  • Peach Rock and Rye

    Peach Rock and Rye

    Rock & Rye is a whiskey-based spirit that was more common pre-prohibition, rock candy being used to improve a lesser rye perhaps. We wash and cut the peaches, then squeeze them into the bung holes of oak barrels that contain our organic rye- we age it and finish the r & r with a hint of organic cane sugar.


  • Straight Rye

    Straight Rye

    Proof: 90 Bottle Size: 375 or 750 ml Barrel Number: 57 Mash Bill: The mash bill is 100% organic dark rye from Bob's Red Mill, Barrel Type: Kelvin Cooperage, from Kentucky, #3 char, aged 5 1/4 years, super smooth, nice and spicy.


  • Dark Roast Rye

    Dark Roast Rye

    Barrel 73 is a 3.5+  year old Dark Roast Rye,  bottled at 92 proof.  We had it in a barrel made by the Oak Cooperage in Higbee, Missouri- they used what they call  "alligator char".  The mash bill is 99% Rye- with rye malt and a touch of other malts. The barrel was filled on 6/16/2017, and rode out the intervening years in the relaxation of the barrel house in NW Portland, not emerging until the pandemic was almost over...


  • Quince Liqueur

    Quince Liqueur

    You really have to cook quince to appreciate its blend of apple, pear, honey and citrus notes. The liqueur reflects all of these flavors and also the tartness of the quince, but with addition of minimal organic cane sugar, the tart is tempered with some sweetness. Perfect with gin - try a Quincy Gin & Tonic.